Over the next few days, I’ll have a few tips for you that will help you make more money from your follow up messages.

I know that you’ve worked very hard to build a quality mailing list – you’ve spent the time to build it, and now you want to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.

Your follow up emails are where you really build that relationship with your subscribers . . . and that relationship is what will allow you to succeed when it comes time to sell something to your subscribers.

So step 1 . . .

Build a solid foundation with your subscribers.

Right now, I want you to stop and think about what emails catch your attention every day.  When you check your email, which emails did you open first?  If you’re like most people, the order you open your emails probably goes something like this:

1. First, you open emails from people you know, like, and trust.  People that you recognize right away, and know you’re about to read something good.

2. Next, you’ll go on to emails that sound kind of interesting – your curious, but you likely won’t spend much time looking at it.

3. The next group goes something like – “Nope, never heard of that guy” . . . “Don’t care what he has to say” . . . “Wish she would stop forwarding these things to me” . . . “Already bought this from a more trusted source” . . .

Is that about right?

Of course, YOU want to fall in the first category – you want to be one of the people that gets their emails opened, no matter what.  And this only happens when your subscribers feel connected to you.  When they feel like they know you a personal level.

It is your job to make sure you get in that “No Matter What” group.

Too many times, marketers get in the habit of sending out “canned” emails and don’t bother to build any kind of relationship with their subscribers.  If you want to make sure you LOSE subscribers and business, then be this kind of marketer.

People will join your newsletter because they think you’ll have content that will interest them.  If they think, even for a second, that you don’t care about providing value to them, they’re as good as gone.  You’ll never make any money from them.

Be up front with your subscribers.  Tell them exactly what they’ll get by being on your mailing list, and then ACTUALLY provide it to them.

Make them FEEL like a friend.  Treat them like a person, not just a number on your mailing list.

The more they like you, the more they trust you, the more comfortable they’ll be with spending money with you.

The next post will give you Step #2 to making sure you get the most from your follow up messages . . .