Here is Part #2 of the “Making The Most From Your Follow Up Emails” series.

In the first lesson, we talked about how to build a solid foundation with your subscribers.  This is important because you want them to get to know you, and to trust you.  If you haven’t read the first part yet, click here to read it.

Now on to step 2 . . .

Give Your Subscribers Great Content With A Ton Of Value.

Look, people joined your list for a reason.  Maybe they signed up to get a free report and daily tips and tricks.  Maybe they signed up because they are already interested in your niche, and want to learn more.  Whatever the reason, be sure you deliver on that.  And even over deliver when possible.

After a few follow up messages, they decide they just aren’t getting what they had hoped, they will quickly unsubscribe.  So you need to give them high quality content from the beginning to keep them engaged.

One way to do this is to tell them about informative articles you have found (or that you have written on the subject), fun websites, and other tips and tricks.

If you have articles, ebooks, blog posts . . . whatever . . . on the subject, telling them about this can only help to position yourself as an authority and develop loyalty, keep them reading, and build trust with your subscribers.

An easy way to this is by rebranding Private Label Rights (PLR) content.  This is content that you are free to edit and attach your name to.  An easy way to find PLR content in your niche is by doing a simple Google search.  Just search for “Niche + PLR” and you should find a lot of pretty good content you can rebrand and add to your blogs or products.

It’s a really simple way to provide value and content.  But you should also consider creating original videos that you can send to them – even just doing simple Power Point presentations and posting the recordings for your new subscribers to watch.  This is another great way to build trust by putting yourself out there to be seen and heard.

In a few days, I’ll be back with Part 3 – and give you more ways to make the most out of your follow up series!