Here is Part #4 of the “Making The Most From Your Follow Up Emails” series.

I hope you’ve learned a lot over the past few postings about how to make your follow up emails more effective.

Today, we’ll wrap this up with part 4 . . .

Never Be Afraid To Sell!

Many people never make much money from their mailing list for one very simple reason – they’re afraid of pissing their subscribers off by selling them something.

Of course, the first message or two in your follow up emails should be delivering what was promised when they signed up.  If the signed up to get software, you can even spend an extra email giving them tips on how to use it most effectively.

After that, if you’ve used a product that was very useful to you, don’t be afraid to tell your subscribers about it.  If it’s related to the subject of your list, and you found it useful, there’s a very good chance your subscribers will find it useful also.

No reason you can’t make a profit from telling them about it.  Heck, they’ll probably even be happy you told them about it.

If you don’t want to come straight out and say, “Buy this product, I think it will help you . . .” maybe do a gentle sell and give a story about how it helped you – how it save you time, how it made your life easier, how it solved a huge problem.

By reading a personal story from you about the product, not only are you selling them on the product without them really noticing, but you’re also continuing to build that relationship by opening up about your personal experiences.

One thing to keep in mind . . . repeated exposure to the same product greatly increases sales.  The more people see a sales message, the more likely they are to buy that product.

So use 2-3 follow up emails selling the same product (more, if you have a different angle to present each time, like if a product solved multiple problems, point one out in each follow up).

You want to give them content in your follow up messages, yes, but there’s also no harm in presenting that content in a way that persuades them to buy something from you.

A follow up series is a great way to build a relationship, trust and sales when someone first signs up to your mailing list.  This will work completely hands-free once you set it up.

And remember, this is likely the first contact you will have with your prospects.  Craft these follow ups carefully – build that relationship with your subscribers, give them solid content, and NEVER be afraid to sell them something.

It’s what you’re doing this for, isn’t it?